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The Symbiotec Laboratory offers you innovative Symbiotechnology processes and symbiotic products adapted and developed from dairy and/or vegetable raw materials.
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"A person's nutritional status is his or her physiological state depends on the relationship between food intake (macro and micronutrients), requirements, and the body's ability to absorb and use nutrients" (FAO, 2019).
In today's industrialised world, food is rich and varied enough to keep us healthy. But the reality shows that eating enough is not enough to be healthy. Indeed, eating habits have changed from eating whole or minimally processed foods to ultra-processed, fractionated, recombined, refined and energy-dense foods. Today, nutritional needs are unfortunately defined according to the nutrients that a type of food provoided. These foods still contain essential nutrients but separated from their natural form and are detrimental to the proper functioning of our microbiota.

This is shown by the various epidemiological surveys on the nutritional status of modern man, which confirm that more than 40% of adults and more than 10% of children are in a state of nutritional deficiency. One of the main causes of this paradox is the degradation of our eating habits and a decrease in the nutritional quality of many foods, but above all an imbalance in our microbiota.

Scientists have noted that any poor diet or dietary deficiency alters the role of the gut microbiota and leads to deleterious effects on our bodies.

Symbiotechnology enables the development of new food supplements or dietary supplements to meet the dietary challenges of tomorrow: adapting the optimal nutritional value of our food intake to better nourish the microbiota and symbiotize it with its host.


Products in symbiosis from ruminant (cow, goat, ewe, camel, buffalo, etc.) or monogastric (mare, donkey, etc.) milk ensure better diversity and resilience of our intestinal microbiota. Thus they reduce the state of dysbiosis, which is a precursor of chronic inflammation and numerous deleterious diseases.
They improve our body's state of eubiosis or symbiosis, a source of good health.


Products in symbiosis from aromatic or medicinal plants contribute to a better assimilation of phytogenic molecules present in the roots, leaves, flowers and seeds of plants.

Thus the activity of these molecules, made bioavailable, contributes to more effective or significant results.


Products in symbiosis from plant-based milk (soya, oats, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) or from fruit and/or vegetables provide a source of bioavailable vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential amino acids (tryptophan, methionine, glutamine, etc.) and contribute to a better adaptation of the microbiota to its environment
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Developing and creating products in symbiosis are the main objectives of the Symbiotec laboratory. We have designed products that increase the nutritional value of food by modulating the diversity and resilience of the gut microbiota.

KEFI' Digest

Symbiosis fermentation
KEFI'DIGEST is a freeze-dried milk kefir powder produced by Symbiotechnology with original kefir grains. This symbiosis fermentation facilitates the digestibility of proteins and the absorption of peptides (without allergies). The lipids are directly active and the free carbohydrates do not cause lactose intolerance. Minerals, especially calcium, magnesium and B vitamins (B6, B9 and B12) are rapidly absorbed.
Symbiotechnology has developed symbiotic molecules, in particular "kefiran", which have the ability to restore a sustainable balance to the gut microbiome. The diversity and resilience of the microbiota are modulated and stabilised.
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Plant symbiosis
KEFI'CUR is a freeze-dried powder of symbiotic turmeric produced by Symbiotechnology. This fermentation is ensured by a specialised KEKOM ferment which allows the release of tetra-hydro-curcumins which are directly assimilable molecules and therefore more effective than curcumin. KEFI'CUR contains 1000 times more tetra-hydro-curcumin than the original turmeric. This fermentation has also developed symbiotic molecules that improve the resilience of the intestinal microbiota and limit the pro-inflammatory effects of a dysbiotic microbiota.
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KEFI' Soymilk

Plant symbiosis
KEFI'SOYAMILK is a freeze-dried powder of soy juice in symbiosis resulting from Symbiotechnology. This fermentation is carried out by a kefired ferment (adapted to soya) which inhibits the anti-nutritional factors of soya and facilitates the digestibility of proteins by rapidly releasing essential amino acids (L-glutamine, lysine, tryptophan, etc.). Polyunsaturated fats have a direct antioxidant effect. Minerals (calcium, magnesium, etc.) are better absorbed. B vitamins (B6, B9 and B12) are rapidly absorbed. KEFI'SOYAMILK develops symbiotic molecules that sustainably modulate the diversity and resilience of the intestinal microbiota. The symbiosis fermentation releases soluble aglycone molecules from the soybean which improves their efficiency.
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KEFI' Ashwa

Symbiosis fermentation
KEFI'ASHWA is a symbiotic freeze-dried ashwagandha powder derived from Symbiotechnology. This fermentation is carried out with a specialised KEKOM ferment which releases the bioactive molecules of ashwagandha, increases their intestinal bioavailability and amplifies their biological effects. KEFI'ASHWA has developed symbiotic molecules that modulate the gut microbiota and improve its diversity and resilience. KEFI'ASHWA helps to recover the energy lost by an unbalanced microbiota and to regain strength and serenity for a better intellectual and physical stability.
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Research & Development

After a preliminary diagnosis carried out in partnership, we offer our clients a simple, effective and economical solution that meets their expectations. The solution proposed by the Symbiotec Laboratory is the implementation of a process based on the beneficial contribution of Symbiotechnology adapted to each particular case.

"Products in symbiosis are a source of resilience for the microbiota we host in our gut, mouth, urogenital organs, lungs..."
Dr. S. Rollan 2022

Innovation through symbiosis
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